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 The 7 Lakota Values of Life

 • Wocekiya:  Prayer

  Finding spirituality by personally communicating with your higher power, this is communication between you and Tunkasila (creator)       without going through another person or leader.

 • Waohola:  Respect

   Showing consideration and respect for self, higher power, family, community and all life.

 • Waunsila:  Caring & Compassion

   Love, caring, empathetic and being concerned for one another in a good way, especially for the family, the elders, the young, the                orphans, the mourning, the sick, and for those working for the people.

 • Wowicake:  Honesty & Truth

   To be honest and truthful with yourself, the higher power, and others with sincerity.

 • Wawokiye:  Generosity

   To give, to share, to have a heart.  Helping without expecting anything in return, giving from the heart.

 • Wahwala:  Humility

   To be humble and modest.  To know that we are equals with others and to know that we are no better or less than others.

 • Woksape:  Wisdom

   To understand what is right and true, to use knowledge wisely.  With life's experiences, comes learning, then comes the wisdom.


"Tawacin Wanzila"

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe